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About Shalbaf brick manufacturing company


Shahid Shalbaf brick manufacturing company (Ltd) was registered in Esfahan company registry office in 1973. The company was purchased by the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation in 1982. After installing new machines in 1984, mass production has come into operation. Façade brick in size of 5,5 / 5,7 and 8 cm, three hole bricks and variety of ceramic blades in size of 7, 10 and 15 cm are the products of the company. This company has been supplier of ceramics in natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, etc. in the quake-hit areas in recent years including Bam earthquake, Varzeghan earthquake, Bushehr earthquake, Lorestan and Azarbayejan Sharghi. also, production and baking process will be fully automatic with tunnel kiln in the middle of 2015. This company is going to eliminate clay (raw material) in 4 years gradually and replace shale with clay.

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Address : Shahid Shalbaf sub road, Isfahan
Zeinabiyeh Street, 6th km of Habib Abad Road

Phone : 031-35493334 - 5
Fax : 031-35493337
Mobile : 09133175350

Email :